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She’s featured here because she has the beauty trifecta in this look with her signature pout lips, glowing self-tan, and her signature eye-liner cat eyes.  She is described as being the epitome of beauty and even though she is getting into her forties she is undoubtedly still a modern-day icon.

She has had her ups and down but when it comes to pulling out all the stops this girl has sexy hair and makeup completely figured out.  When posing for magazines and layouts her stylists know just how to bring out her best features.  This look rocks the beauty and is so hot!

Kate Moss golden tan skin

To get this look you are going to have to break out the self-tanner and bronze first of all.  Try a hint of tan cream and keep applying until you get the perfect golden color on your body.  Then, use mineral makeup in golden tan tones to get an all over matte golden tone to the face.  Now for the makeup, keep it natural and do not apply harsh blush as this look is a clean, all over uniform color.  For the lips you are going to line only slightly then use a light nude lip color followed by lip gloss.  Pale, pale light pink will work.

Kate Moss classic cat eyes

Next for the eyes use a barely there brownish tan shadow.  Your main makeup is going to be black eyeliner and mascara.  Line the tops of the eyes and extend the line out and up slightly for a cat eye effect.  Line inside lower rims with black too.  To finish the look, blow dry hair and trim bangs to end right at the eyelash level.  Gorgeous example of sexy hair and makeup!

Kate Moss sexy hair and makeup

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