Angelic beauty sexy hair and make-up example

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This photograph and angelic beauty is just spectacular.  She is probably one of the most gorgeous girls ever.  The auburn, copper penny red hair is stunning.  Notice that her red is a natural looking copper penny color and not to bright orange or dark orange.  It is absolutely gorgeous.

Sexy soft wave hair with curls

To get this soft sexy hair with curls you will want to deep condition the hair then use de-frizzing and glossing serum when dump to dry with no frizz.  Once dry use a barrel curling iron, 3/4 inch would be perfect, to create the large loopy curls.  Shake and finger out lightly but do not brush out to keep curl shape intact.

Natural makeup with spunk

Makeup for gorgeous blue eyes does not have to be much.  A natural earth tone blend-able shade of light rust or light brown is all that is needed.  The lightest application of eyeliner followed by a solid coat of clump-free mascara.  For the eyebrows, fill in gently with an auburn brown pencil.  The penciled in brows make the blue eyes literally pop right out.

For the lips get a natural lipstick color in an organic nude shade with a plum hint of deep color to it.  First line the lips with a natural lip color to make them look bigger.  Use a sharp and precise lip liner pencil for this. Notice on top lip she has liner just above the lip line to make her top lip look plumper without needing injections.  It is a plump lip illusion.  Get a thin high quality lipstick brush and apply the lipstick.  Use of a refined lipstick brush will give a more defined look than it would to take the tube of lipstick to your lips directly. Then, blot lips gently with a tissue to tone it down a smidgen.

Stay away from the sun

It is a myth that you need a tan to be beautiful.  Fresh skin protected from the sun reigns supreme.  Pale skin is absolutely sexy.  If you do need a tan try a fake one and do not damage your skin.  Notice her look is left very natural aside from the penciled in brows and lipstick in a shade just deeper than natural lip color.  By leaving the rest of the face nude it tones the eyebrows and lips down just enough.

It is not even humanly possible to come up with anything wrong with this look.   It is sexy hair and makeup at its finest.  She is a goddess, incredible photography too.

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