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The asymmetrical bob hair cut was absolutely huge in the 1980’s, but now it is making a definite come back. This style is not for the faint hearted. it is for a woman that lives on the edge.  Celebrities like Rihanna have been rocking the asymmetrical bob.  Asymmetrical bobs and short haircuts are in big demand now.

A confident edgy bob haircut with a soft look to it

To pull off this jagged hot look you need absolute confidence and chutzpah. You can see these styles on the runway often because they are so edgy, modern and sleek. What is fantastic about this woman’s asymmetrical bob is that she looks fierce but at the same time it is soft and feminine. Winning! The sleek blow dry along with the blond frosted ends looks really pretty.  Haircuts have certainly evolved and more women are going for new and modern looks.

Wigs and hair extensions

Bobs and interesting hair cuts like this can often be achieved with wigs and hair extensions. So if you don’t have the natural hair, you can get add-ons and then get a stylish cut and frosted tips on the synthetic hair. Notice that she has short hair with this bob, but with the long wing in front, it looks like a long hair style.  She is not afraid to express her personality here.  Nice!

Fierce haircut with natural makeup is a great yin and yang combination

I love the makeup she has going on with this absolutely sexy look. Big false eyelashes coupled with a nude makeup look and simple glossed, beautiful lips. This girl is definitely showing off sexy hair and makeup. I wish I had the resource information for this fantastic photo and hair cut. Gorgeous girl.

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