Auburn reddish brown hair and pale skin

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If you have a fair complexion and are looking for the best hair color for your pale skin, look no further. Hair color that suits pale skin is going to look best if you have a nice contrast and natural looking shade.

If your hair is too pale blond you might wash out your pale skin and your facial features too much. Pale on pale does not particularly stand out. This is why you see pale skinned blonds going overboard on the tanning because they need to get a pop, but this is not healthy for the skin.  Trying to tan pale skin is horribly damaging.  If you have pale skin you might want to embrace it and go for a darker blond or brown color that has reddish undertones.  Such hues will enrich the pale skin rather than wash it out as bland.

Perfect reddish brown auburn hair for pale skin

Hair with reddish or brown tones suits pale skin very well because it sets off the light skin color and draws a contrast to it with the vibrant but natural color. You might think of Nicole Kidman.  However, make sure that your auburn color is of a natural penny color shade. If you have pale skin and the color is too brassy, bright or orange it won’t look good. When choosing hair color choose a deeper softer and natural looking shade of auburn or brownish red. Do not try the metallic reds if you have pale skin as it will look garish.  Avoid metallic or synthetic looking shades.

Be careful also when going too dark with the pale skin. You must have flawless skin to pull off pale skin with darkest brown or dark chestnut brown hair color. Darks can look good (think Zooey Deshanel) but when pairing it with pale skin it will let all the flaws of the skin show.

Mascara and liner coupled with nude mineral makeup accentuates gray eyes

This earthy brown with hints of soft auburn color on this absolutely stunning model is the best example of a reddish brown hair color that perfectly compliments pale skin. Her gray eyes are stunning, as is her makeup and grooming.  Love the nude lips. Her eyebrows are tweezed nicely with a good sexy arch in them. Her makeup is great as she has mascara and precise liner that brings out the beauty of her steel gray eyes.  For pale sensitive skin try all natural organic makeup brands or mineral makeup.

Attract men with natural makeup and a vibrant glow

The slight touch of apricot blush gives her a vibrant glow.  To make sure makeup is blended and natural looking try mineral brands as they pre-select very natural looking shades.  A simple gray undershirt is all she needs to compliment her natural beauty. The fun long layers make her look playful and young. This is a quintessential sexy hair and makeup look that men absolutely adore. Try this hair color, makeup look and casual medium layers if you want to attract men like crazy.

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