Incredible brunette hair and natural look

Incredible brunette hair and natural look Large Image


This gorgeous brunette girl has the quintessential natural super model look to her. She is reminiscent of the Guess Jeans ads from many years ago. This is proof that beauty is not just wild colorful makeup. It’s a no makeup, just woke up look that men adore.

Sexy natural brunette tousled hair

Her hair could not be better it also has the effortless look to it. Long, sexy, looks like she tossed it up in a bun then let it down and shook her head. Some girls think that bleaching and coloring their hair is the answer yet doing so creates a different skin tone combination. If your hair is bleached light your skin tone looks washed out.

No makeup look works with natural skin tone and natural hair color

Natural brunette hair can pull off a no makeup look because, well it is natural. Her natural eyebrows are great too, notice how they are shaped nicely but not over tweezered.   Put that ceramic straightener away if you are using it every single day, as some body and texture as shown her gives the facial features dimension and depth. Volume and body is a good thing so don’t flat iron it all gone.  Day old hair always has more texture and sex appeal in photographs than just washed hair.

Incredible brunette hair

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