Incredibly sexy hair and makeup

Incredibly sexy hair and makeup Large Image


This incredibly sexy brunette shows off a makeup artist tip. If you are going to do dramatic eyes then you should pair that with a nude lip. Notice she couples the evening eye makeup with a simple nude lip that has gloss on it. So hot!

Sexy hair and makeup

This is a more made up look but nevertheless sexy as can be. The precisely penciled eye gives that sexy movie girl look. Notice the false eye lashes for drama. For a major pop her eyeshadow is topped with frosted white under the eyebrow arches. Notice her plain simple hair, and nude lips. Always couple dramatic eyes with a toned down makeup and hair look. Make sure that concealer, foundation and blush are imperceptible to create a blank canvas for the dramatic eyes to pop.

Her hair is sexy as it is naturally dark, free of hair dye, and exotic. For hair like this you will need regular trims, shine serum to give it shine, a blow dryer and a flat iron to finish and remove all frizz. If your natural brunette color looks dull, enrichen it with a temporary hair dye that matches identically to your natural color. She has sexy evening eye makeup and hair.

Sexy hair and evening eye makeup

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