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The quintessential natural look

This is a beautiful example of the natural look. Obviously, there is makeup here, but the over all look is very subtle. To get this look start with concealer to cover all blemishes as you are going for the perfect matte face. Follow with cream foundation in a shade one shade lighter than skin. Follow with bronzer in a natural color and blend well into face leaving the cheeks, under-eyes and area around the lips a smidge lighter to create blended and sculpted look. Dab a smidge of rosy natural lipstick and go over on top with a shiny lip balm.

For eyes, line the lower inner rim with a color complimentary to your hair, in this case brown. At the upper inner eyes, there is a light colored shadow to illuminate the inner corners. This is a great anti-aging trick as it brightens the eyes and takes attention away from crows-feet that women can get under their eyes. Use a taupe colored shadow extending from the middle of the upper eyelid out to a very natural cat eye. Line eyebrows just to fill in, in a natural color just a smidge lighter than your actual brow hair color. Finally, a hint of mascara. Not her hair looks completely natural and tousles, completing the natural (but made up) look. Lovely!

Natural hair and makeup

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