Natural makeup, bombshell looks

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This sexy supermodel shows off that not only does she have an incredible body, she has a face to die for. Normally more made up, this picture shows the true beauty of her face. No red lipstick, massively penciled eyebrows, or sultry eyes here. This is a more clean and fresh faced look, and she can certainly pull it off.

For this look be sure to blow dry hair then flat iron it stick straight putting a dab of anti frizz serum in hand and working through hair. Sweep hair up into a bun, leaving long bang pieces out in front. For makeup use matte foundation, cream foundation and powder foundation with barely visible blush to make a beautiful blemish free canvas of the face.

Pencil in eyebrows slightly with a soft shade of medium brown. Finally, put a dab of pinkish lip balm on lips Fir eyes, use a little white eyeliner in the inside of the lower lids. A touch of mascara barely visible, and a light taupe eye shadow perfects this goddess look.

While this look is not the super siren look, it is sure to make men fall absolutely in love. Girlfriend material!

Goddess looks

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