Ombre hair

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This gorgeous model really shows a perfect example of ombre hair.  As you may know ombre hair is the hair color refereed to when the tips are highlighted to a different color than the base.  Her beautiful natural medium brown hair is gorgeous.  Notice how it looks great at the roots because it really matches her complexion and looks real.

Ombre tips

Her ends are highlighted every so slightly with a lighter brownish blond color.  It brings a twinkle to her look and adds a sunny element that is not overdone.  Underneath there is a darker brown, which looks like it may be hair extensions or a clip in.

Flawless makeup

Her makeup is perfect, with a very natural glow, well groomed yet thick eyebrows that frame the eyes, and plenty of mascara and liner on the upper eye lids.  Notice the arch in her eyebrows with a gentle white highlight underneath to make her eyes pop. A flawless matte skin with a faint tan and nude lips finish off this incredibly sexy hair and makeup look.

Sexy hair and makeup

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