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Natural Makeup

This is the quintessential makeup example and I wish I had the source to thank this amazing photographer. magazine and model for this photographic example of perfect makeup. First, she has a matte look to her face with just a slight flush of natural looking blush. Next, her eyebrows are left natural and every so slightly penciled in to define her eyes. While the photograph may be photo touched up, you can still learn by this wonderful example to select very natural looking concealer, and foundation. As for blush, get something subtle with a touch of color only, and make sure you blend, blend, blend when you apply it.

Her shadow looks like a subtle brick orange color from MAC. Accent the eyes with a good mascara applications in black. Her lids are then lined at the top outer corners and inside the lower rim waterline with a natural looking brown color. To make the entire look pop apply the orange tone shadow to the inside of the upper lids. Finally, complete the look with a sexy clear coat of lip gloss. Perfect makeup example that is natural and sexy at the same time.

Perfect natural makeup

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