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Women of Indian descent have very beautiful features the first of which is their beautiful naturally tanned skin. Olive complexion hides plenty of flaws on the one hand but on the other, special care must be taken when applying makeup so that features of the face pop out and look exciting.

Exotic smokey makeup and color contact lenses

This exotic smokey makeup look is sexy as can be. She does have a good amount of brown shadow on over the lid and of course heavy black eyeliner. But it makes her eyes pop. She may be utilizing color contact lenses which always are a fun change for Indian women. Some Indian women have light eyes but it is more rare. A fun color contact change can really make an Indian woman look incredible. Try true blue to really pop or exotic green for a more natural look.

Even out the complexion

Aside from playing up the eyes, an Indian woman should take special care to use a high quality concealer. This skin type shows dark gray shadows and bags quite easily and a lighter concealer can neutralize out such flaws. Sometimes you can try a concealer with an olive or yellow undertone.

Once you’ve evened out the complexion, you must find the perfect foundation for your skin. It should blend seamlessly and help create a matte finish. Golden and earth tones look great and make sure to blend any blusher or bronzer in with a quality makeup brush. Check makeup application for this skin type in good lighting so that there are no blush lines or makeup lines at the edge of the face and hairline.

Indian lips

Indian women are often blessed with naturally plump lips. Because Indian eyes can be made to look so exotic, be careful to tone down the lip area. you want to mainly pop the eyes. Try a neutral lip balm or plum lipliner shade or even go nude. A matte flawless face, natural lips, and the exotic eye-makeup all combine to create a sexy makeup look.

Indian hair

Indian women are also lucky to have gorgeous hair. Indian hair looks best left natural and not colored as that creates an off balanced look to the complexion. Don’t be tempted to bleach your Indian hair. Stay dark and exotic and if anything, use a temporary dye to make the color even deeper and more vibrant. Sleep with hair up in a scrunch and let down the next day for a natural tousled look.

Sexy hair and makeup on an Indian woman

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