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Beach wavy hair is perfect for the free spirited summer look.  Celebrity hair stylists often use this look on celeb clients because the fact is that high volume hair makes a woman look young and vibrant.  The look was popularized by celebrities on the red carpet, and models on magazine covers like Cosmo.   Its about textured waves resembling what your hair would naturally look like after a fun day playing at the beach.

Tips for sexy beach hair

To get this look be sure to wash and apply conditioner the night before, prior to going to bed.  Towel dry hair and apply a dab of mousse to get texture and volume into the hair.  You can try a beauty supply mousse or something inexpensive like Herbal Essences Tousle me softly mousse.  After applying, do not blow dry your hair but put it up into a twist bun and go to bed.  The next morning, shake out hair and separate with fingers.  There you go, beach sexy hair!

If you haven’t had time to shower and sleep on hair the evening before, then you will have to approximate the bed head beachy hair look by using a curling iron.  Take pieces and separate and curl into cork screws.  Don’t curl entire head, just select pieces all through the hair.  Toss hair and finger separate to combine the fresh curls in with the natural hair.  You should get a good beach hair look.  One last trick for pin straight hair is to wear hair in a few braids the night before.  This gives a tousled foundation to start with and you can curl select pieces on top of that. 

Sexy eye makeup

Animalistic sexy beach hair is always attractive to men.  This model combines her beach hair with natural makeup.  She’s wearing a lot so this is definitely a sexy vixen look that is not for the faint hearted.  Try applying plenty of mascara, even false eyelashes.   Combine with a nude glossed lip so that eyes really pop.  With those bedroom eyes and beachy hair you will be sure to drive all men crazy with desire.

Sexy beach hair

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