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Silky sexy hair will attract men. To get your hair silky and sexy be sure to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of natural fats and omegas in your diet such as those found in avocados, nuts and olive oil.  This gorgeous Indian girl shows an example of enviable silky hair.

Stop frizz with shine serums that have silicones

If your hair is fine then you will want a gentle cleanser shampoo with luxurious lightweight moisture. Follow with a volumizing conditioner and the slightest drop of shine serum to finish. Let hair dry naturally to maximize volume. Put hair up in a bun at night to preserve volume and salon blowouts.

Deep condition hair to be silky with silk and soy products

If your hair is coarse or frizzy look for products that combine silk and soy proteins for ultimate smoothing and conditioning.  Try the local beauty supply store for such hair products.  If you are on a price budget try Finesse moisturizing silk and soy conditioner for coarse frizzy hair or Finesse texture enhancing conditioner for fine hair. To finish thicker hair add a dollop of shine serum to damp hair and work through with fingers.

For a silky finish use a ceramic flat iron for straight hair or a round barreled high quality curling iron for a curled look.  If your hair is super unmanageable and you despise your natural curls or frizz, consider getting regular professional blow outs.  While the salon blow drying can dry the hair, it also smooths it down, keeps it detangled, and allows you to go more days between shampoos all of which is actually good for dry hair. 

Salon blow dry

The professional stylist can get all frizz to disappear using a round brush, blow dryer, flat iron and other styling aids.  To prevent breakage go as long as you can possibly last between blowouts and secure hair in a bun at night to keep smooth.

Silky sexy hair

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