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I absolutely love the supermodel era! Cindy will forever be the ultimate bombshell girl. If you grew through your teens in the 70’s and 80’s, then she was with you ever since you can remember. In that era, growing up she was appearing in every major magazine and on the cover. It was the era of the supermodel and even though there were other supermodels she was at the top of the game. Shown here is one of her more ultra bombshell looks.

To this day, she leaves her mark on the fashion world. She will forever be remembered as one of the top supermodels of all time because of ultimate fashion photographs just like this one. While she looked great with her girl next door brunette look, this look was one of the more bombshell phases in her modeling career. She really goes all out here with the thick gorgeous blow dried hair and those fat and obvious blond highlights in the front. It’s not as natural as her regular gorgeous look, but it definitely gives her the bombshell appeal. The bombshell look is all about going over the top with your look, and above and beyond!

If you want to get this classic bombshell look going on here are the beauty tips to achieve it. For hair, it is volume, volume and even more volume. Thickening shampoo and conditioner followed by a big hair section by section blow out with a paddle brush is mandatory. Add to the visual va-voom by getting one or two bold blond highlights for maximal contrast and impact. Natural looking makeup that give you a bronze tan gives you the look of exotic skin. You need bronzer for this. Showcase your eyes by wearing eyebrows very thick but controlled. Black eyeliner, lots of mascara (or falsies) and big and sexy hoop earrings as accessory complete this sultry bombshell look!

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