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If you want to get beautiful blond hair don’t do it inexpensively. This is one area where you really need a professional or at the least have some professional hair coloring experience yourself. If your hair is very near to blond then its easier to take it up a few shades, however you will have a root line, so a more subtle weave of highlights might look better.

Use a professional to minimize the chance of serious damage

If you go to a professional you have at least a little less chance of damaging your hair. Taking the hair up too many shades can make it dry, brittle, and break it. Even celebrities with the most expensive stylists that go ultra blond can wind up with serious damage.  Don’t assume you can do this at home and save money because you may break your hair off.  Any at home hair dyeing should be a simple streak or two done after you try a test streak, or a shade that is only a few shades up from your real color.  If you try to take dark hair up to blond on your own you can wind up with either orange hair, or fried hair.

Never go too light

The most common mistake that women make when taking their hair up to blonde is that they go too blond. Every time you re-highlight or redo the roots the hair dye will overlap slightly with the old hair dye. This happens no matter how careful you are. That’s why as it grows out it can break. Hair that has already been dyed gets dyed again when then roots are touched up.

This is why getting a weave of highlights can help. Less of the hair is dyed and there is less chance of breakage all over at the roots. If you are not blonde already it is recommended and smart to leave a brown base going and just get weaves to bring out the glamour blond. This girls hair is a gorgeous example of blond.

Golden blond is better for the complexion than platinum blonde

Golden blond is better for the skin complexion and gives more dramatic color. One of the most common blond mistakes is to go too blond or get too many weaves so that you are all blond all over. The different golden hues add depth and dimension to the hair and makes it look more natural. So you do not want to bleach all the color variation away to white.

Natural blonde’s have the skin complexion to match their hair however darker haired girls who dye their hair blond wind up looking washed out. The blond just washes out their face making it look ashen. To try to compensate they try to tan their face for a contrast making matters even worse. If you aren’t a natural blond, resist temptation to go to ultra light.

Keep the volume for glamour blond hair

This woman has gorgeous blond streaked hair. There is still a brown base that compliments her skin. Her hair has great curl and volume. Don’t be scared of big sexy hair as it never goes out of style. It adds volume and interest to the face and also counter balances the body to make you look slimmer. Try blow drying with a round brush and twisting hair into a bun at night. Shake loose for sexy glamour blond hair. If the natural curls aren’t good enough, heat up a fat barreled curling iron and add some strategic curls to make your hair look more salon styled and put together.

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