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This pretty brunette has a unique look because rather than adopting the tousled beach lover girl messy look, she is neat as a pin. That is sexy. Her wavy brown hair is gorgeous.   She is polished and the type of girl who would never be caught dead with a broken nail or nail polish chip.

Corkscrew girls

Hot rollers or carefully curling each chunk of hair with a ceramic curling iron makes for perfect ringlet curls that siren are sexy! It’s hair you want to touch as it looks like a million slinky’s. Plenty of conditioning, healthy oils and proteins in the diet will keep thick brown hair shiny and naturally vibrant looking.

Piquant Makeup

Rather than having huge pouty model lips she has tiny natural lips that are piquant and cute. It gives her a perfect china doll kind of look. Again her look is unique in every aspect. She leaves her skin pale toned and flawless. She chooses a strange olive green shadow but plays it down so that rather than look garish it looks sexy and different. Also, she tweezers her eyebrows as she wishes. She is not afraid to pluck her eyebrows into a rather high shaped arch and pencil that in to boot.

Her unique look and own personal style makes her have sexy hair and makeup. She doesn’t look like every other girl and her perfect look makes her resemble a movie screen siren. She’s original and has a perfect china doll appeal to her.  She puts effort into a perfect appearance and it shows. Her wavy brown hair and precision makeup application sets her apart in this photograph.

Sexy hair and makeup

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